Durable medical equipment or DME is medical equipment designed to be used in homes by non-Medical  billing Software professionals on a regular basis. It is a term of art used in Medicare and insurance plan wording. Well DME is not confined by any particular disease state, function, or any particular type of assistance. DME must be:

  • Be durable that is, long-lasting and able to withstand repeated use
  • Serve a medical function , that is must not normally be used by someone who is not sick or injured
  • Designed for use in the home setting

DME Billing system provides the clients with highly secure facilities to check their current DME billing information. Clients can log in and retrieve information related to the account balances for their patients, as well as view all DME payment data from various insurance companies. 

DME Software can end up with better financial figures when it is teamed up with experts while administering important revenue cycle management practices and turn operationally efficient, thus improving financial performance. The problems of medical care can be solved by completely and deeply analyzing the revenue cycle management.  There is no short cut or one-stop solution that can address the multiple challenges faced by hospitals and physicians in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. In their pursuit for perfection, the primary focus on quality patient care should never be ignored or forgotten.

For example, if a person with a chronic illness and/or limited mobility needed to use an adjustable hospital bed for better blood circulation or reduction of fall risk that bed would fall under the definition of DME. Manual and motorized wheelchairs can qualify, depending on need. Other examples of devices that can be classified as DME are oxygen and breathing equipment, drug infusion apparatus, commode chairs, and devices to help with lifting or transferring a person with diminished function or strength.

In spite of dynamic growth, durable medical equipment billing pitfalls with challenges of persistent complexity in insurance benefits and claims. The patient-driven payment models are directly having impact on revenues, which in turn increases the cash flows and margins. 

Hence Noble Direct team focus on designing, transforming and running workable revenue cycle management processes that help achieve efficient collections and plug revenue leakage.

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