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Jimmy Carter Scans Cancer Free

Jimmy Carter has announced that his latest scans are coming up cancer free. During the ex-president's fight with cancer, he has continued his active lifestyle, with work at his charity The Carter Center, as well as aiding Habitat for Humanity. "Carter has said he experienced no side effects during treatment, a positive sign for his doctors, said Dr. Keith Flaherty, a melanoma specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital's Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies who is not involved in Carter's treatment..." [ Read the story here ]

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Medical Alert Systems Expanding

As well as protecting you in your home, a new medical alert system hopes to give you the peace of mind while you are out and about using GPS and cell phone technology. "Mobile alerts “can give a sense of security,” says Alfred Sacchetti, a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians." [ Read the story here ]

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Updating Medical Device Protections

Medical equipment will typically live a long life of helping and healing humans, but when does the age of a device make it a vulnerability? Hackers and security threats are a growing threat in our technology connected world, and medical devices aren't safe from the intrusions. " control considerations were "not really part of some of these early medical devices," said Kevin Fu, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of Michigan" [ Read the story here ]

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Texas Medicare Fraud Scheme

Being convinced of one count of healthcare fraud, the jury set in for a Texas man who defrauded the medicare system. "Huey P. Williams Jr., 46, of Katy, Texas, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon of the Southern District of Texas.  In addition to imposing the sentence, Judge Harmon ordered Williams to pay $1.96 million in restitution.  Williams owned and operated Hermann Medical Supplies Inc. and Hermann Medical Supplies II (collectively Hermann Medical), two Houston-area durable medical equipment (DME) companies..." [ Read the story here ]

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Medical Equipment Rentals On The Rise

E-commerce has boosted the medical equipment rental rates across the world. Allowing doctors to save money by sharing equipment which they will only use for a specific set of procedures. "Over the years, medical equipment segment has grown by leaps and bounds as complex engineering used to make life simple for patients. As the technologically advanced medical equipment is used in case of specific situations, periodic assistance, or for just a procedure, several hospitals prefer renting the equipment instead of buying them..." [ Read the story here ]

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Healthcare Tracking With CMS

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) new Program Statistics is tracking healthcare statistics across multiple providers. "...Program Statistics, which includes detailed summary statistics on national health care, Medicare populations, utilization, and expenditures, as well as counts for Medicare-certified institutional and non-institutional providers..." [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Worries Blowing Over

As the medical billing "apocalypse" seems to be blowing over as reports of the new ICD-10 system point to an easy transition. "Health care providers were concerned that they might choose the wrong codes and might not get paid by insurance companies — at least not promptly — as a result. But after more than a month, the new system is working “surprisingly well,” according to Barbie Hays, coding and compliance strategist for the Leawood-based American Academy of Family Physicians..." [ Read the story here ]

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CMS Working For Improved Health Plans For 2017

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced it is working on improvements to its participation in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Kevin Counihan, CEO of Health Insurance Marketplaces said: "As we enter into our third year, the Health Insurance Marketplace continues to grow, with millions of people looking to the Marketplace as their source for quality, affordable health coverage that will be there when they need it. We’re off to a good start with tens of thousands more Americans turning to the Marketplace for health coverage every day, and even more returning for another year...”  [ Read the story here ]

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