Workplace wellness continues to thrive.  Currently more than 90% of employers with at least 200 workers have some type of workplace wellness program in place. Employers find unhealthy habits such as: smoking, excess consumption of alcohol and poor nutrition as a major contribution to higher health care costs of employer. There’s also a cost to lost productivity, obesity and other chronic diseases as compared to healthy workers. According to the survey, about one in five employers use rewards and penalties to encourage employees to achieve certain goals, such as weight loss, lowering blood pressure or managing cholesterol and 42% companies mentioned that they reward or penalize employees based on tobacco use.

Diet and Exercise Go Digital

Let’s go digital. Digital health tools encourage the employers to keep a track and support their employees’ progress towards health care and wellness goals. With massively powerful computers in pockets which can monitories the behaviour digitally employers can gain a better sense of employee’ digital health fingerprint. Employers can now watch data and are trying to learn how to influence people’s behaviour in real-time. Wearable devices can track physical activity, calorie intake, and sleep while mobile apps and DME Software can remind employees to get up and take exercise breaks.

Employees are typically applauding this program, 93% of consumers participating in healthy eating say they or their family where helped, 85% said fitness activity where useful & 83% are benefited from stress management.

Limitations Still Exist

Digital solutions are undoubtedly useful and allow for connections those were not possible in past. But we cannot rely heavily on digital solution for all our solutions, Digital solutions can be efficient, but not necessarily better, it completely depends on what company is trying to achieve.

Digital solutions will continue to grow with more innovation in forthcoming years, benefiting both the health care system and workplace wellness programs.

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