Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. EMRs have advantages over paper records as it offers the clinician’s to:

  • Check how their patients are doing on certain parameters such as blood pressure readings or vaccination.
  • Track data over time.
  • Improve overall quality of care in a practice.

With the rapid growth of the Electronic Medical Records market, we thought to revisit the topic how DME software can improve the profitability of your practice. The five ways are:

Bear Down manpower to manage papers:
Computer work help you complete the tedious task of managing paper manually in micro second with the zero chance of error. EMR helps you eliminate all the transcription costs, cut down the office supply expenses particularly printer paper and toner. Minimizes physical file storage requirements, to the point of allowing many practices to open up another exam room where they once stored their files. Make it your habit to put new patient information directly into your EMR, not document it on paper and transfer it later.

Increase Claim Revenues:
Documenting all the routine medical checks payers require is too time-consuming to perform at every patient visit therefore, using EMR gives you the opportunity to document every part of the patient visit couple of mouse clicks. This feature alone can increase revenue for every patient you see.

Increase Efficiency:
EMR significantly impacts on the efficiency of your practice. It provides features like provide you with Pre-filled templates which let you document common patient complaints more quickly than writing everything from scratch, Patient histories can be brought forward for easy viewing, whether it’s copying the last visit with a few minor edits or monitoring trends over time. DME Billing becomes a matter of few clicks only. It cuts the time one spends on managing paper which results in increase efficiency.

Get the Government to Pay You for It
The Medicare DME Incentive Program provides up to thousand dollars in reimbursements over five years. In addition, there are dozens of pay-for-performance/incentive-based medicine programs across the country.

 Participation in all of these programs requires or is made easier by a DME, which automatically collates and reports all your patient data for you.

Reduce Liability Premiums:
There is some strong evidence for the benefits of EMR adoption from a liability standpoint. A recent observational study suggests there is a strong association between EMR adoption and less malpractice Claims Management Software. The advancement in technology improves the initial investment more affordable and the longer-term return increasingly compelling.

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