Inventory Control Software

Having a dynamic inventory management system that is integrated into your DME management software makes the administering of your business seamless.

Inventory Control Software

Managing appropriate inventory levels can be a daunting task. Having a separate software can make it even more overwhelming. Knowing this we put our Project Managers and Developers to the test and they passed with flying colors. The inventory management software features was constructed with DME in mind. Knowing exactly where all your products are, tracking serial and lot numbers, shipping from multiple warehouses are only the beginning.

Inventory Control Software provides real time, accurate information in one click of button. All the product movement are categorized by the ware house location which ensuring that the right product is provided, in right quantity, to the patient. The inventory management will make the communication between your warehouse and your biller effortless.

The advantage of the software includes:

  • It insures that all the technician and medical staffs can be provided with ordering capabilities and access, as necessary.
  • Maintaining accurate medical inventory and managing it efficiently, in a fast and simple manner, is pivotal in successful patient care.
  • Preventing medical inventory from expiring or being overstocked.
  • Logging the movement and uses of medical inventories.
  • Electronic tracking of supplies.