Pain is a complex issue people with chronic pain can rely on the Medical Billing Software applications to manage their symptoms. People who experience pain for continuous six months have chronic pain. Traditional methods relied on anaesthesia to reduce pain, but now the practice has evolved into multidisciplinary team approach.

Sometimes there is no clear cause to the chronic pain syndrome and the symptoms are complex in management. Due to rising deaths from the opioid epidemic the medical community is reviewing its way of treating chronic pain. Mobile health is a potential tool for health care provider to improve pain. There is potential through innovation of mobile health to affect change in the segment of the population that has been used to conventional method.

The application have three major categories of function:

Providing evidence-based information about pain, a diary for tracking progression and intervention for pain management. Patients are provided with two way messaging features of the app where a research assistant gave weekly feedback and supportive text message. Additional features includes tracking demographic information, comprehensive pain assessments using a body map, push notification reminders for assessments, goal setting, and Claims management software strategies for pain.  Patients are asked to record daily progress on pain levels, activity, sleep, and mood for few months. According to the study, both providers and patients found the app usable, valid, reliable, and easy to use.

There has been a steady increase in mobile applications to manage conditions.   In disease such as chronic pain multiple disciplines are needed for treatment, which is difficult to efficiently achieve in the clinic environment. Therefore, it is encouraging to see potential solutions coming down the pipeline in mobile health applications.

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