Oxygen might be considered a component, gas or a drug. Oxygen is vital for every single cell in the human body and must be pumped around the body in the blood. It is an important element that helps body function properly. Oxygen Therapy is designed to provide patients with oxygen at a significantly higher level than ordinary, ambient air can. The therapy only has positive effect on health when used correctly in prescribed amount and to treat certain illness.

What is it?

Oxygen therapy is an important therapy in breathing health care. It is to boost oxygen saturation in cells when the saturation amounts are extremely low as a result of disease or trauma. Oxygen Billing Software systems are referred to as fixed, mobile, or ambulatory. Depending on the medical condition of Patient oxygen could be implemented by nasal cannula, face mask or tracheotomy.

How Oxygen is delivered?

Oxygen is delivered to each patient room through a wall plug, in medical center. It is sent from central source via a pipeline. A flow meter connected to the wall plug accesses the oxygen, the control device manages the oxygen circulation, and additional devices might be attached to supply humidity. At home treatment the oxygen source is generally a cylinder or air compressor. Regardless of whether home based or medical center, plastic tubes links the oxygen supply for the individual. The quantity of oxygen breathed in is determined by the recommended flow rate and also the ventilator minute volume.

An additional distribution choice is transtracheal oxygen therapy, in this technique the oxygen bypass the mouth area, nasal area and throat, and an air humidifier is needed at flow rates of 1 litre a minute and preceding. Various other techniques are used for oxygen distribution units.

What disease Oxygen may treat?

The presence of high level oxygen often leads to inability of bacteria, virus, germs and other harmful substances to survive.  Oxygen therapy is incorporated into treatment plans of various illnesses.

  • Cancer: It is discovered that cancerous cells are not developed under oxygenated environment.
  • Respiratory diseases: Lungs related problems are solved with this treatment.
  • Heart Problem: Increased oxygen can prevent spasms of the heart muscles.
  • Bacterial Issues: coli and other dangerous bacterial disease can be treated with oxygen therapy.
  • Fungal Infections: Candida alb cans a common parasitic fungal has been treated with ozone & hydrogen peroxide.
  • Parasites: Malaria can be treated with Oxygen TherapyOxygenation is a fundamental belief of alternative healing. It is a healthcare treatment which holds great deal of potential. With further study, it may prove to be an important component in treatment of world’s dangerous diseases.
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