Expert View On ICD-10 Benefits

Richard Averill weighs in on the implementation of ICD-10 and the benefits he's seen so far. "While the transition itself was viewed as disruptive and time-consuming at a time when healthcare organizations already were burdened with additional requirements, nevertheless, many healthcare leaders see the transition as a major milestone in the evolving transformation of our 21stcentury healthcare delivery system..."  [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Hikes Medical Bills?

The implementation of ICD-10's 140,000 new codes seems to be overwhelming for some. With mistakes in the coding submissions to CMS, it is not a surprise that some patients have been overcharged and sometimes drastically raising medical bills. "This year, the University of Illinois at Chicago overlooked 24,000 clinical ER encounters and found that one-fourth of them were incorrectly coded due to flawed CMS recommendations..." [ Read the story here] 

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ICD-10 Implementation. Are You Prepared?

What will be changing with ICD-10 and how will this effect the codes you're using? Be prepared for the switch and try Noble*Direct's free demo, our revolutionary software will streamline your switch to ICD-10.

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Impact On Providers With ICD-10

Whats the impact on providers going to look like with the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

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Still Have Questions About ICD-10?

Check out this handy FAQ all about ICD-10 and prepare yoruself for the switch from ICD-10.

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ICD-9/ICD-10 Medical Billing Software Free Demo

Download Noble House's - Noble*Direct ICD-9/ICD-10 compliant medical billing software's free demo today!

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2016 Expansion Of Competitive Bidding Rates In Jeopardy

The American Association for Homecare looking for ways to stop the 2016 expansion of competitive bidding rates. Read the story here...

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Noble*Direct Medical Billing Software On Twitter

Follow Noble*Direct Medical Billing Software on Twitter today for the latest in HME/DME billing solutions. And visit Noble*Direct today for your free demo.

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Rapid Claims Processing With Noble*Direct

Noble*Direct medical billing software will save you time with our rapid claims processing. It's easy to maximize your revenue with Noble House by your side. Download your Free Demo today.

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Noble*Direct The DME/HME Billing Software Solution

Download your copy of Noble House's - Noble*Direct DME/HME Medical Billing Software demo for free! Your home health care, and hospice software solution will fast track your business starting today.

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