ICD-10 News From CGS & CMS

With a month to go until the ICD-10 switch from ICD-9, its time to ensure you are ready for the expansion. Brush up on updates, and notices about ICD-10 from CGS & CMS news. Be sure you have our ICD-10 ready medical billing software, Noble*Direct.

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Noble*Direct The Medical Billing Solution

Noble House's industry leading software is your business's medical billing solution. Try our free demo of Noble*Direct software today, and follow us on Facebook for the latest ICD-10, ICD-9, Medical Billing and Medical News.

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Noble*Direct’s Solutions To Streamline Your Business

Noble*Direct - Medical Billing Software is here to streamline your business practices, see the solutions we can provide.

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Hospice Payment Reforms With HHS & CMS

Human Health Services and CMS outline the implementation of hospice payment reforms. Read here...

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CGS’s Hospice & Home Health Bulletin

Check out CGS's new Hospice & Home Health Medicare Bulletin, listing back all past and present notifications.

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Free Demo Of Noble*Direct Medical Billing Software

See Our Solutions and learn how Noble House's, Noble*Direct medical billing software can help you. Download our free demo today and experience it for yourself.

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Provider News From MLN Connects and CGS

MLN Connects Health Provider News featuring articles about ICD-10, Medicare's 50th Anniversary, and much more.

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Noble Direct Medical Billing News

For the latest in the ICD-10 switch from ICD-9 and everything medical billing news related, follow Noble*Direct on Google +. Man jailed in Tujunga for 15 years over medical billing scam.

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Still Have Questions About ICD-10?

Check out this handy FAQ all about ICD-10 and prepare yoruself for the switch from ICD-10.

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Accelerated Reimbursement With Noble*Direct

Download your free demo of Noble*Direct's industry leading software and speed up your reimbursement!

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