Expert View On ICD-10 Benefits

Richard Averill weighs in on the implementation of ICD-10 and the benefits he's seen so far. "While the transition itself was viewed as disruptive and time-consuming at a time when healthcare organizations already were burdened with additional requirements, nevertheless, many healthcare leaders see the transition as a major milestone in the evolving transformation of our 21stcentury healthcare delivery system..."  [ Read the story here ]

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Reusing Medical Equipment For Those In Need

Services for Independent Living (SIL) is helping those in need of medical equipment by reusing and loaning out much needed life saving devices. "Customers can use the equipment for a few weeks or longer. Merry said he gave out 186 loans, which range in duration. The 552 recycled items resulted in $288,522 saved by consumers...." [ Read the story here ]

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Lincare To Buy Brentwood – American HomePatient

With an announcement coming as early as this week, Lincare seems to be in the market to purchase American HomePatient Brentwood, narrowing down the already dwindled HME industry. "If Lincare buys American HomePatient, it would be one of three remaining nationals in the HME industry, with Apria Healthcare and Rotech Healthcare..." [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Scare Blows Over

After some worry with the newly implemented ICD-10 coding system, it seems the worry has blown over. "ICD-10, more formally known as the 10th version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, was imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Starting October 1, CMS began requiring medical workers to use codes from among the 150,000 available for diagnosis coding, procedure coding for inpatient services, and other health services. Oubre said staff in her clinic were well prepared for the changeover from the older, smaller set of medical codes known as ICD-9 and that the numbers on payer rejections or denials were no worse in October than they [...]

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Top Medical Billing And Health News

The analytical and billing management leaders at Noble House will keep you up to date on the latest HME/DME, medical billing, and health news on the internet. Follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest updates for our revolutionary software, Noble*Direct. Try our free demo today!

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Texting’s Negative Medical Effects

New reports and chiropractors are describing an increase in patients with medical problems due to text messaging. The lowering of your head and constant staring at a smartphone seems to be leading many, a leading number being young people, into back and neck problems. "According to a recent survey reported on by The Blaze, the average American sends 41.5 text messages per day, although the 18-24 age group sends a whopping 109.5 texts per day..." [ Read the story here ]

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American Cancer Society’s New Guidelines

The American Cancer Society has updated its guidelines for women's breast cancer screenings. The new update recommends that women at typical risk for cancer start screenings at age 45 as opposed to age 40. "...woman with an average risk of developing breast cancer should discuss screening around the age of 40 years, and she should be provided with information about risk factors, risk reduction, and the benefits, limitations and harms associated with mammography screening..." [ Read the story here ]

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How Safe Are Your Medical Records?

Many believe that one of the few pieces of information safe from the spying eyes of the government and the public are our medical records. But how safe is that information? Although the  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes it sound as if your records are legally protected, the government regularly circumvents the judicial system to gain access to the information. [ Read the story here ]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Now Active

If you are in need of a Medicare Advantage (MA) or Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), the Medicare open enrollment running until December 7th is here to help you. 2016 is set to see some of the best prices on top tier quality medical care and prescription drug coverage for Medicare patients. "Consumers should view Open Enrollments as the ultimate in consumer empowerment. As Medicare consumers shop for what's right for them, that causes benefits, quality and premiums to continue to improve..." said CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt. [ Read the story here ]

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Are Electronic Medical Records Safe?

With the Obama Administration's push towards the use of electronic medical records, some worry cyber security may put that information at risk. This move would potentially cut the costs of the record keeping but has currently cost a whopping $30 billion. "A startling 81 percent of health care executives say that their organizations have been hit by at least one malware or cyberattack during the past two years, according to the2015 KPMG Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey..." [ Read the story here ] Let Noble House's advanced technology streamline your business and keep your information safe. Download our free demo today!

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