Are Electronic Medical Records Safe?

With the Obama Administration's push towards the use of electronic medical records, some worry cyber security may put that information at risk. This move would potentially cut the costs of the record keeping but has currently cost a whopping $30 billion. "A startling 81 percent of health care executives say that their organizations have been hit by at least one malware or cyberattack during the past two years, according to the2015 KPMG Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey..." [ Read the story here ] Let Noble House's advanced technology streamline your business and keep your information safe. Download our free demo today!

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ICD-10 Switch Not In Jeopardy

With the upcoming ICD-10 switch from ICD-9, some have worried that a potential government shutdown in the United States would once again still our upgrade to the ICD-10 coding system. Thursday, CMS officials announced that the ICD-10 switch would continue regardless of a potential government shutdown. CMS's Patrick Conway stated, "In the event of a shutdown, we will continue -- and I want to be clear on this -- to pay claims, to implement the ICD-10 transition." [Read the story here ]

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Obesity Rates Skyrocket In The U.S.

The Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released a new report pointing at two major regions of the United States that have spiraled out of control in the adult obesity rates. The midwest and southern regions of America contain 23 of the 25 top states for adult obesity rates. The numbers have grown dramatically over the past couple decades, now showing all states with obesity rates over 20%, where-as in 1990, not one state had an obesity rate of over 15%. [ Read the story here ]

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