Successful Transition To ICD-10

Be sure you're prepared for the transition to ICD-10. What do you need to know for proper implementation of the upcoming ICD-10 codes?

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ICD-10 News From CGS & CMS

With a month to go until the ICD-10 switch from ICD-9, its time to ensure you are ready for the expansion. Brush up on updates, and notices about ICD-10 from CGS & CMS news. Be sure you have our ICD-10 ready medical billing software, Noble*Direct.

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Noble*Direct The Medical Billing Solution

Noble House's industry leading software is your business's medical billing solution. Try our free demo of Noble*Direct software today, and follow us on Facebook for the latest ICD-10, ICD-9, Medical Billing and Medical News.

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ICD-10 Guidelines Conference

The guidelines by the CDC for the transition to ICD-10 are discussed by Dr. Peter Cass at the Texas Optometric Association conference.

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Noble*Direct’s Solutions To Streamline Your Business

Noble*Direct - Medical Billing Software is here to streamline your business practices, see the solutions we can provide.

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Noble*Direct Medical Billing Software On Google+

Follow Noble House on Google+ for the latest news and updates on our revolutionary Noble*Direct Medical Billing Software.

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Get ICD-10 Ready

Here are a few ICD-10 transition tips to remember with the upcoming ICD-9 to ICD-10 change deadline.

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Colorado Man Provides Medical Assistance

Traveling on his plane, a Colorado man provides medical assistance to Papa New Guinea.

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3-D Printing Used In Medical Applications

3-D printing technology has made once impossible medical procedures and implants a reality.

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ICD-10 Implementation. Are You Prepared?

What will be changing with ICD-10 and how will this effect the codes you're using? Be prepared for the switch and try Noble*Direct's free demo, our revolutionary software will streamline your switch to ICD-10.

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