ICD-10 Worries Blowing Over

As the medical billing "apocalypse" seems to be blowing over as reports of the new ICD-10 system point to an easy transition. "Health care providers were concerned that they might choose the wrong codes and might not get paid by insurance companies — at least not promptly — as a result. But after more than a month, the new system is working “surprisingly well,” according to Barbie Hays, coding and compliance strategist for the Leawood-based American Academy of Family Physicians..." [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Already Old News?

With The United States just having adopted the International Classification of Diseases Revision 10 (ICD-10), the World Health Organization is now reporting its stepping up its work on ICD-11. "With so much of the American healthcare industry having just gone through a very long and complex transition just to get to ICD-10, the concept of a new set of codes is sure to elicit some groans. But the good news is the next iteration won't be coming for awhile, and the change should be significantly less complex..." [ Read the story here ] The WHO suggests ICD-11 should be ready by 2018.

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Expert View On ICD-10 Benefits

Richard Averill weighs in on the implementation of ICD-10 and the benefits he's seen so far. "While the transition itself was viewed as disruptive and time-consuming at a time when healthcare organizations already were burdened with additional requirements, nevertheless, many healthcare leaders see the transition as a major milestone in the evolving transformation of our 21stcentury healthcare delivery system..."  [ Read the story here ]

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Managing A Changing Health Care Market

"The home health care market is rapidly changing. The Affordable Care Act and competitive bidding have brought new regulatory challenges to the HME/DME marketplace. The pressure to compete has driven many small dealers out of business—and driven others to the top of their game through focusing on cash sales..." [ Read the story here ] Are you looking for help navigating the ever changing health care market? Noble House's - Noble*Direct medical billing software can save you time and money, streamlining your business.

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ICD-10 Scare Blows Over

After some worry with the newly implemented ICD-10 coding system, it seems the worry has blown over. "ICD-10, more formally known as the 10th version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, was imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Starting October 1, CMS began requiring medical workers to use codes from among the 150,000 available for diagnosis coding, procedure coding for inpatient services, and other health services. Oubre said staff in her clinic were well prepared for the changeover from the older, smaller set of medical codes known as ICD-9 and that the numbers on payer rejections or denials were no worse in October than they [...]

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CMS Reports 10% Of ICD-10 Claims Rejected

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that about 10% of ICD-10 codes submitted are rejected, but only a fraction is due to coding mistakes. "Invalid ICD-10 codes were the basis for rejecting .09 percent of claims, and .17 percent of total claims submitted based on end-to-end testing..." [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Hikes Medical Bills?

The implementation of ICD-10's 140,000 new codes seems to be overwhelming for some. With mistakes in the coding submissions to CMS, it is not a surprise that some patients have been overcharged and sometimes drastically raising medical bills. "This year, the University of Illinois at Chicago overlooked 24,000 clinical ER encounters and found that one-fourth of them were incorrectly coded due to flawed CMS recommendations..." [ Read the story here] 

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How Will The ICD-10 Switch Work Out?

A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) account that Centers for Medicare & Medicaide Services (CMS) has made great strides towards enabling a smooth transition to ICD-10. It is yet to be known if there will be issues arising in the upcoming ICD-10 switch from ICD-9. "The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made strides to minimize and fix system errors during the transition to ICD-10, however, the extent to which errors will affect the agency's ability to process claims can't be determined until CMS's systems begin utilizing ICD-10 codes." [ Read the full story ]

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ICD-10 Training With Ponoma Valley

An ICD-10 training session with Ponoma Valley Hospital Medical Center.

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ICD-10 Implementation. Are You Prepared?

What will be changing with ICD-10 and how will this effect the codes you're using? Be prepared for the switch and try Noble*Direct's free demo, our revolutionary software will streamline your switch to ICD-10.

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