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Save time and money with Noble House's - Noble*Direct software. Noble*Direct software is the answer you need to streamline your HME/DME administrative practices. With rapid claims processing, inventory management, reports analysis, document imaging and much more, Noble*Direct can allow you to spend more time where it matters, with your patients! Follow Noble*Direct on Facebook today for the latest medical news from around the internet.

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With the coverage deadline upon us, is there to help those last minute customers looking for healthcare coverage by January 1st. "The new Out of Pocket Cost calculator, Doctor and Facility Lookup, and Prescription Drug Lookup features will help consumers to more easily search for the plan that best meets their budget and health needs..." [ Read more here ]

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HME/DME Medical Billing News

Noble House's, Noble*Direct software is your billing and claims management solution for HME and DME companies. Increase your office's productivity by streamlining your business practices with the aid of our revolutionary software. Try our free demo today, and follow us on Twitter for the latest medical and medical billing news on the internet.

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Healthcare Tracking With CMS

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) new Program Statistics is tracking healthcare statistics across multiple providers. "...Program Statistics, which includes detailed summary statistics on national health care, Medicare populations, utilization, and expenditures, as well as counts for Medicare-certified institutional and non-institutional providers..." [ Read the story here ]

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ICD-10 Worries Blowing Over

As the medical billing "apocalypse" seems to be blowing over as reports of the new ICD-10 system point to an easy transition. "Health care providers were concerned that they might choose the wrong codes and might not get paid by insurance companies — at least not promptly — as a result. But after more than a month, the new system is working “surprisingly well,” according to Barbie Hays, coding and compliance strategist for the Leawood-based American Academy of Family Physicians..." [ Read the story here ]

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Noble House Medical Billing News

Follow the medical billing leaders in home medical equipment (HME) and durable medical equipment (DME) solutions. For all the latest news on the recent implementation of ICD-10, and around the medical world, follow Noble House and Noble*Direct Sofware on Twitter.

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Expert View On ICD-10 Benefits

Richard Averill weighs in on the implementation of ICD-10 and the benefits he's seen so far. "While the transition itself was viewed as disruptive and time-consuming at a time when healthcare organizations already were burdened with additional requirements, nevertheless, many healthcare leaders see the transition as a major milestone in the evolving transformation of our 21stcentury healthcare delivery system..."  [ Read the story here ]

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What Do You Need To Know About ICD-10

Are you looking for an ICD-10 solution for your business? The HME/DME medical billing professional software, Noble*Direct, can streamline your business practices, and allow for more time with your patients. What do you need to know about ICD-10?

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ICD-10 Scare Blows Over

After some worry with the newly implemented ICD-10 coding system, it seems the worry has blown over. "ICD-10, more formally known as the 10th version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, was imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Starting October 1, CMS began requiring medical workers to use codes from among the 150,000 available for diagnosis coding, procedure coding for inpatient services, and other health services. Oubre said staff in her clinic were well prepared for the changeover from the older, smaller set of medical codes known as ICD-9 and that the numbers on payer rejections or denials were no worse in October than they [...]

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