Patients: group new, active & inactive patients allowing you use the software as a CRM with new patients. Actively move patients through your business rules in the most effective manner possible, avoid mistakenly processing orders or billing on inactive patients. Service: an extra level of control on the service layer aiding providers in certain insurance guidelines. The service layer handles the patient’s insurance policy & works to manage insurance level business rules. Claims: this dynamic flow control will guarantee nothing is missed with active patients. From annual letters, insuring eligibility runs prior to servicing, or a simple follow up phone call. automate your business & maximize customer satisfaction.


Managing appropriate inventory levels can be a daunting task. Having a separate software can make it even more overwhelming. Knowing this we put our Project Managers and Developers to the test and they passed with flying colors. Knowing exactly where all your products are, tracking serial and lot numbers, shipping from multiple warehouses are only the beginning. Inventory Control Software provides real time, accurate information in one click of a button. All product movements are categorized by the warehouse location ensuring the right product & quantity is provided to the patient. The inventory management makes communication between your warehouse and biller effortless.


Software designed to handle time and billing tracking as well as invoicing for services and products is billing software. Billing software can track the hours worked by employees as well as expenses associated with projects and clients. Medical billing software enables all of the scheduling and patient billing information available in real time, in one place. Physicians no longer spend valuable administrative time looking for records and retrieving past-patients medical records from off-site storage facilities. Medical billing software can save money by avoiding claim denials and avoid the possibility of submitting incorrectly formatted claims.


Our hosted or On-site Installation Service offers a secure & reliable data center with 15 years of 100% up time. There is zero investment and no redundant power and/or internet. Back-up firewall included!


Mail merge like custom document

Registry lookup and import

First, Last, NPI Validation

Address validation & correction

Proof of delivery retrieval

Track claim status instantly

DDE interface

MCARE & Private; coverage & deductibles

Track documents & events to control billing

Appointments & reminders

Hand 13/36 month capped rentals

Insurance specific rates for allowable

Form & field level security

Add/adjust columns & colors

Developer like customization

Set claims for reoccurring billing

Noble Trax

Export Data

Post Automatically

Document Imaging

Manage Shipping

Payment Enrollment

API'S Available

Responsive Support